Fragrance List

Salted Caramel

Rich, buttery caramel with a touch of sea salt.

Champagne & Strawberries

A romantic fragrance with a hint of fresh strawberries and raspberries, combined with champagne and rose scent.

French Pear 

A sophisticated, sweet, soft smelling fragrance of juicy pear, combined with creamy rich vanilla and a hint of musk..

Vanilla Caramel

The sweet scent of buttery caramel balanced with rich, creamy vanilla.

Cinnamon & Vanilla 

Irresistible blend of warm rich, creamy vanilla and spicy ground cinnamon.

Raspberry & Vanilla

A fruity scent of fresh raspberries blended with rich, creamy vanilla and buttercream and hints of coconut. 

One Million

Masculine, spiced, dark and delicious, our 1 Million Type fragrance is irresistible and similar to the perfume of the same name. 


A refreshing mix bright sea breeze, cedar, sea salt and musk create a masculine and crisp fragrance.